Lyme recovery in a small child, natural lyme treatment,

My daughter gave me amazing first hand experience in using my Lyme and co infection arsenal this past Summer. The medical system didn’t offer us antibiotics so we were forced to use only the natural proven approaches and what a blessing in disguise….proof that it works.

She had an indeterminate Lyme test that was neither positive or negative, the medical system offered an MRI and Cat Scan and no other supports.  I started my system of compatibility testing for what products her body preferred for detox support through the liver to the stool and for the brain and for microbial action and toxin binding etc.

My sweet 7 year old was on a cocktail of daily anti microbials and anti parasitics as well as rife frequencies transmitted via a mat or foot straps and acupuncture.

After 4 weeks we saw improvements, although far from our end goal.  She had a few incidence when she literally felt “I am going to die” and wondered if she should be at the hospital…we went twice with no support so reassurance and faith was our tool.

Her migraine and nerve sensations/parasthesias that were daily didn’t let up until the 2.5-3 months mark.  Other stool infections had to be uncovered for her last stretch of healing and particular attention to the autoimmune like nature of her immune system on her nervous system….such as becoming emotionally unsensable at the slightest touch of a cold/other infection coming on.  The happy ending is that our patience and persistence based on the research at hand paid off as today she is happy and healthy !

She does take a daily anti viral herbal however as ticks (our assumed route of how she acquired Lyme) often relay chronic viruses and this is demonstrated in her Chinese Medicine Based Pulses on examination.  Viruses can`t be killed off completely as they mix into your own DNA/genetics but we can suppress them, remove the poisons that feed them such as heavy metals and support the immune so that the virus stays quiet and doesn’t damage the person’s wellness.

Caution: don’t use immune stimulators as with infections that are longer term and most illness, there is an autoimmune component often (over activity of the immune in the wrong way – th1 or th2 dominance) and without proper training you may be using a product that causes more organ/body attack by the immune system.

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Dr Elisabeth Bastos BSc, ND, RAcu

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