We now offer phosphatidyl choline infusion into your herbal formulas to allow for increased absorption and effectiveness rates, closer to rates seen with IV injection (as proven with liposomal vitamin C and recommended by renowned Dr. Dietrich Klinghart).

liposomal, increase supplement absorption

Many individuals are sensitive to soy or have been recommended to avoid soy due to concerns with genetically modified organism known to trigger inflammation and negative immune response in the body.

We have source sunflower based Phosphytidyl choline to avoid this issue.

Some products such as vitamin C and Glutathione can be found in Canadian stores already liposomal (being cautious about the soy base however), but it is difficult or rare to find liposomal herbs and melatonin.

When the focus is to effect deep tissues, nervous system or there are intestinal absorption concerns you can consider making your supplements liposomal.

If you need your herbal formula made liposomal , contact us today.


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