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Q- Are Dr. Bastos’  traditional Chinese and Naturopathic treatments proven effective?

A – Most couples have been trying for an average of  just under 2 years to conceive before seeking our help.

In 2013, 93% pregnancy rates were measured in our couples that used our full treatment protocol and it took them an average of 2.6 months to achieve pregnancy.

Q – What Fertility Problems Can be Treated at Bastos Natural Family Center?
A – Acupuncture and other Naturopathic treatments can help most explained and unexplained infertility. Some common conditions treated include but is not limited to:

  • Autoimmune conditions (hi ANA, Lupus, Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome, Graves disease ect.)
  • Hi FSH (poor egg quality)
  • Reduced follicle numbers
  • History of poor response to any fertility treatment and drugs
  • PCOS/Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • High Prolactin
  • High Testosterone
  • Low DHEA, Hypoadrenalism
  • Endometriosis
  • Diabetes
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Male factor infertility including all sperm issues
  • Reoccurring miscarriage
  • Blocked fallopian tube
  • Single fallopian tube

Q – How long will the treatments take and when are you available?
A -The initial consultation to gather your history is up to 1.5 hours but acupuncture treatments are 30minutes. If you decide not to use acupuncture as part of your treatment protocol then I may only see each other every 4-6 weeks and visits can be from 15minutes – 30minutes typically.

Because I have many patients from out of town, I offer evening appointments and weekends whenever possible and am flexible to offer out of hours appointments for emergencies or treatment specially timed around fertility procedures.

Q- What If I Want to Get Pregnant and I Don’t Know if I Have Any Problems Yet?
A – Being proactive is a great idea, especially with advancing age or over 30 years of age. I see many couples that assumed they would not have difficulty trying to get pregnant, and then waited years to seek help when unsuccessful moving them into the advanced age category.  Over 30 years old their are more risks for the pregnancy and it makes conception even harder.

Fertility can always be enhanced which will decrease the time it takes to get pregnant, increase chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby, decrease miscarriage risk, improve ease of labour, and decrease infections.

Q – Can I start trying to get pregnant from day 1 of seeing you?
A – I advise 3 months using protection while we strengthen and regulate the body. Although this recommendation is case specific and not necessary to be eligible for treatment.

This is to be sure the body is ready to hold a pregnancy as the maximum effect of treatment is reached around the 1-3 month mark. I see many patients getting pregnant after only a 2-4 weeks of treatments even after trying unsuccessfully for years and this small length of treatment time doesn’t allow the body time to be strong enough to reduce miscarriage risk.

Thankfully, patients report feeling better overall in their health even before the goal of pregnancy occurs which can make the treatments even more worth while and improve optimism.  But also keeping in mind that the decision is left up to the couple and treatment will not be refused if a couple chooses to actively try to conceive even before 3 months of treatment.

Q – What Would Be the Benefit to Using Protection in the First Few Months on Treatment? I Want to Get Pregnant Now!
A – This time when you are using protection allows me to be more aggressive in cleansing and regulating your system with treatments that may be contraindicated in pregnancy, as I must assume you are pregnant once you have ovulated when you are not using protection. Allowing the body more time to cleanse and re-balance means less toxicity passes to baby, less chance of miscarriage and a healthier pregnancy and recovery for mom and baby.

Thorough Assessments – clinically proven

Silloutte woman with baby and pregnancyThorough testing is performed to ensure no rock has been unturned. Investigation includes (but is not limited to) blood work, urine hormone testing, ensuring no autoimmune conditions exist, ensuring no clotting conditions exist, assessing inflammation, ensuring the bladder and intestines are in best health to avoid irritating the uterus, ensuring food intolerances and allergies are avoided if necessary, ensuring high levels of heavy metals have not accumulated in the body effecting fetal and conception quality, ensuring no hormonal imbalances have been overlooked, ensuring proper blood sugar/glucose regulation as this can contribute to hidden infertility conditions. It is also important to note that test values that were deemed “normal” by your medical doctor may be suboptimal for your best fertility hence a thorough look over all labs past and present is had and new labs may be advised privately or through your Doctor.  We also can refer patients for sperm analysis.

A non invasive physical exam using Western, German and Chinese medical perspectives is had on the initial visit.

We assist couples that are already using conventional medicine approaches or that prefer our help alone.  We work harmoniously with other Doctors and treatments to improve healthy pregnancy and baby outcomes, safely and effectively since 2005.

What Treatment Types Should I Expect?

Treatment options can include, but are not limited to:

TENS, vagus nerve stimulation

Acupuncture or needless microcurrent point stimulation

Electro Acupuncture


Safe and Pure Chinese and Western Herbs

Pharmacy Quality Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins

Hydrotherapy – using hot and cold water at home for improved healing and circulation

Relaxation Techniques

Our clinic also hosts a massage therapist and osteopath in house, to ensure your physical body is ready for conception and to remove any blockages to that goal

When should I start my Naturopathic Fertility Treatments and how often?

While some patients respond to treatments more quickly than expected, 3 months of protection before trying to conceive is the ideal recommended time to allow treatments to take best effect and to prevent miscarriage as the body may not be healthy enough to hold the pregnancy if the treatment period is too short. Although Acupuncture is cumulative in effect and many of the Naturopathic treatments typically need 1-3 months to take effect, some patients do decide to attempt conception much sooner, still having great success.  This is still always your choice.

We always accept all patients and meet you where you are at.

Many couples also seek our treatments for just before and after fertility procedures such as IUI and IVF.

Your recommended treatment schedule is based on consideration of a variety of factors in order to ensure your best outcomes. Acupuncture is typically scheduled 1 to 2 times a week.

We do serve long distance clients and supplement options for treatment are therefore available to allow for support without acupuncture.

Stress relief is addressed

Some hormones that are released during times of stress can cause the uterus to contract and/or negatively interact with immune cells, both of which will interfere with proper implantation.  We know that stress directly increases inflammation that can trigger self attack/autoimmune activity that is not optimal for pregnancy.

Treatments are offered that are effective in assisting in how your body responds to stress to improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

General lifestyle points

Regular Quality Sleep
Insomnia and poor quality sleep often result from the disruption of the circadian rhythm, the 24 hour rhythm of our ‘biological clock’. This ‘biological clock’ helps regulate breathing and heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, hormone production, menstruation and other vital bodily functions.

An irregular lifestyle can disrupt the normal circadian rhythmic pattern. Having regular, quality sleep is extremely important for fertility as studies show low fertility rates and early pregnancy losses among shift workers(34-39). Ideally, it is best to be asleep between 10-11pm and awake by 6-7am to promote our best circadian and therefore hormonal rhythm.

Regular Acupuncture treatment, supplementation, and breathing exercises may be incorporated to creates a specific coherent heart rhythm and greatly influences hypothalamic hormonal activity…..this means they can help to restore normal biological rhythm for your best Fertility and health outcomes.


You can also promote good hormonal rhythm by ensuring it is pitch black in your room at night (so that your hand is not visible when raised) and expose yourself to light as soon as possible once awake. The darkness stimulates melatonin for a more restful sleep and antioxidant protection, and the light via the eyes can stimulate the brain to help reset the biological clock

Treatments are often conveniently covered by your health benefits plan under “Naturopathic Doctor / Naturopath” and “Licensed Acupuncturist” and direct billing is offered in clinic.

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