The flu this year is more potent then ever and after 13 years in practice, I am finding that there are not many effective anti-viral products on the market…………
I have now launched my solution after much research and trials….
an effective anti FLU triad based on proven research available now for my clients.
❤ Made for my family and now available for you!
The Kit contains:
1. 100ml anti viral/flu herbal tincture/liquid (tastes great for children!):
My in house formula (lomatium, elderberry and cleavers – found effective in research against infl A and B and a variety of common viruses)
2. Xclear nasal drops – biofilm busting is key to stop the reproduction of the virus/infection in the sinuses and to keep infection weaker so the immune can do it’s job. The nose area is the entry point of many infections and nasal hygiene has been shown in research to be potentially valuable for infection prevention.
3. Berberis (in house no filler capsule formulation) – systemic/full body biofilm buster. Proven to break down films that infection hides behind allowing the immune system to do it’s job. Supports TH1 cellular immunity needed to fight viruses.
+ my “How to arm your drug cabinet to address common infections – Drug Free Families” report (part 1 and 2) will be included !