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Energy & Metabolism Boost Program Q and A (How to Eat Move & Think)

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32 Top Questions on how to eat move and think for improving your successful energy and metabolism repair using Dr. Elisabeth Bastos’ Freedom EB Method system.  This is intended for existing clients of Dr. Bastos. To become a client please reach out to 519.767.9224

All questions are answered in great detail to give you the most benefit in your understanding of your new lifestyle approach.

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A printed book  copy is available by contacting our office at: [email protected] for $16.99 plus tax

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An Interview had with Dr. Bastos asking and having answered in detail, the top 32 questions about her Body Mind Transformation program that she teaches in the USA and Canada.

This is best suited for those that already have been coached by Dr. Bastos on their Life Long Constitutional food Intolerances based on Carroll Method (a 100 year old proven assessment).  This Q and A is included in her at home study System (for those that she doctors or to share with your current Doctor)

“Your Freedom EB Method” on how to eat move and think to promote metabolism repair and better energy.

PDF format.  Hard copies are available if you contact us at Email: [email protected]


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