Medically Trained and Naturally Focused.

Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist Dr Elisabeth Bastos, practices evidence based holistic medicine at her Nature Based Clinic, the Bastos Natural Family Center, conveniently 2 minutes off the 401, local to Cambridge,Puslinch and Guelph.  She is in good standing with the Ontario College of Naturopaths and The College of Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists of Ontario. She is also a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Doctors.

Dr. Bastos serves the Portuguese speaking community if this is your preferred language.

I love seeing individuals and families empowered with education and root cause solutions. For 15 years I have used Naturopathic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture for my patients and my family.  My objective is to determine blockages and organs in need of restoration, using auricular medicine, Chinese medicine and live cell analysis.  I focus on testing for the body’s preferred methods of treatment, to remove blockages, allowing the body to self regulate.” 

Dr. Bastos is a wife, mother of 2 small children and author of 2 books and co author of an additional, the Energy.  She has contributed to a Chatelaine natural fertility support article, appeared on Experts Live and Rogers TV, is a trained professional speaker and volunteers in the community regularly.

Contact by email: or Phone: 519.767.9224

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Elisabeth Bastos’ Life Path to becoming a Doctor determined to make a difference:

Since high school the seed of interest was planted for natural methods of health such as nutrition and intolerance free eating with books that her Canadian new comer parents left out for her on these topics to keep her busy as they worked over time to get established in Canada.

A seemingly negative event of being hit by a car turned positive in early high school.  Elisabeth was hit by a car while riding her bike and was in severe pain until her parents took her to holistic practitioners that had her well and comfortable in an impressive amount of time.  Through various practitioners she learned to exercise and learned about pain and body healing.  This impressed on her and gave her the passion of taking individuals from dis-ease and stress to true healing with no chemicals just as she had experienced.  More life learning drives Elisabeth’s passion for natural healthcare support….in 2018, just before Christmas her cardiologist reported good news that Elisabeth had reversed her bundle branch block and cardiomyopathy in 3 months.  Her 2 prolapses are also healing and reversing which is not the text book expectation.

Dr Bastos has first hand experience with supporting and providing treatment for small children with seizure history as her own 18 month old suffered weeks of repeat seizures but avoided medication with natural approaches.  Confusional migraines and headaches in her school age child also taught Dr. Bastos the importance of understanding what foods are poison to an individual as the daily neurological events that had her child miss one month of school with, subsided after removing various trigger foods and keeping a modified keto approach.

Her family continues to be her spring board for inspiration as she supported and resolved Lyme and viral co infection symptoms in her little one twice and herself suffered with chronic EBV infection and acute Lyme symptoms after a bull’s eye rash.

She is full time in practice and has volunteer history or current affiliation with organizations such as the local food bank, Summer Church Camp, healthy snack school program, and International Student Ministries Canada, online mentoring with Power 2 Change.

Since 2008 Dr. Bastos ND has been awarded yearly including Best Naturopathic Clinic, Best Naturopathic Doctor, Best Acupuncturist in the Cambridge Times Reader’s choice awards (the neighbor city she established in).

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Care has been taken to protect those spending time in the clinic and to incorporate eco friendly concepts. The building contains protection from EMFs (electromagnetic fields), has provided water that has undergone UV filtration., uses a UV air sanitation unit/filter and 6 stage air filtration.

Dr. B ND has experience and training since 2005 in:

Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFS

Autoimmune/Reduced Immune Function concerns and testing – continued study in functional immunology

Severe Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health – including neuroscience based scalp electrostimulation therapy.

Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illness testing and treatment support

Chronic Inflammation and Infections – Viral, Bacterial, parasitic, fungal, mold.

Nutritional Coaching and meal planning for allergy and intolerances.

Certified Carroll Food Intolerance Method Doctor.  Allergy blood testing.

Pain and injury Management – Manuel therapy

Biotoxin illness – visual contrast sensitivity manually is available in house.

Neurological Concerns, Behavioural Concerns, Learning Concerns

Nerve Damage / Neuropathy / Nerve Pain

Health care for infants/children,

Pregnancy support including through acupuncture. Breech Baby.

Miscarriage prevention and treatment

Male and female fertility

Infant Colic and Indigestion

Reflux and Heartburn

Developmental Concerns

Seizure History Support

Bladder infection | Kidney Concerns including lowered filtration

Sinus Concerns

Headaches, Migraines

Constipation/Diarrhea, IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Detoxification Needs

Live Cell Blood Microscope Analysis

Hormonal Concerns including Thyroid Disease

Menopausal and Menstrual Complaints

Side Effects from Medications

Chronic Infections, Poor Immune Function

Eczema and Psoriasis


Food and Environmental Allergies



Continuing Education is important to Dr. Bastos.

Here is part of the training she has undergone to date and continues to do:

By word of mouth consultation from Elder Naturpaths – what works in real life

BSc in the Guelph University BioMedical program 2001

College of Naturopathic Medicine – ND diploma 2005

2004-2005 Dr. Sankaran, and his Homeopathic Research and Charities group in India. Classical Homeopathy

Dr. Ullman – Tx of Anxiety, Depression, OCD and Bipolar. 2004

Giovani Macioca – Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Acupuncture Treatment study

Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine 2017

Association of Perinatal NDs – starting 2005

Dr. Letitia Dick and Dr. Jared Zeff – Carroll Method Institute on grass roots Naturopathy for food and supplement compatibility assessment, in Spokane, Washington. 2013

Acupuncture in pregnancy and Childbirth. 15 hours – New Zealand’s Debra Betts – March 2008

Applied Nutritional Microscopy – Live Blood Cell Analysis 2015

Bio therapeutic Drainage – Dickson Thom 2011

Chronic Degenerative Disease – 2006 Mikhael Adams

Chinese Medicine for Emotional Trauma – CT Homan. 2018

Constitutional Medicine – 2010

Alkalinizing 101. Heather Schofield. – 2016

Pursuing Homeopathy – Rajan Sankaran – 2016

Intestinal Milieu/Biological Medicine – Dr. Dhanani – 2016

Advanced Orthopedics and Electroacupuncture – Dr. Lee 2015

ElectroAcupuncture for Pain and Orthopedics – Dr. Lee 2015

Advanced Applied Microbiology – Michael Coyle 2016

Sanum remedies Lung Acutes – 2016

Advanced Ovarian Reserve Depletion Course – Brandon Horn and Wendy Yu 2017

Hormone Prescription and lab tests – Dr. Westmacott 2015

Environmental toxity in Pediatrics, Mental Health and Learning – 2013

Nerve Entrapment workshop – Dr Poney Chiang 2016

Lyme conference – Innovative Strategies – 2017

AARM Lyme and Co Infection Conference 2018 – Toronto, ON

Breaking the Mold – Environmental illness – with Dr. Jill Crista.  2018

Auricular Medicine and Therapy – with Dr Adams 2018

Complex Cases and Infection Seminar – with multi Speakers. Florida 2019

Chronic Infection Summit – with Multi Speakers. Chicago May 2019.

A three staged approach to treating emotional trauma with Chinese Medicine – with CT Holman 2019

Complex Biotoxin illness, Biological Medicine and Detoxification – with Dr Christine Schaffner ND 2019

Metabolic Endotoxemia and The Gut Brain Connection – with Dr Jill Carnahan MD, ABFM, ABIHM, IFMCP 2019

Children, Mold and Healing the Terrain – with Dr Maya Shetreat MD 2019

Mold and AutoImmunity – with Dr Amy Myers MD 2019

Brain on Fire: Mental Illness and Mold – with Dr Mary Beth Ackerley MD, MD(H), ABIHM 2019

Mold and the 5 levels of healing – with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD,PhD 2019

MCS, EMFs and Highly sensitive Patients – with Dr Stephanie McCarter MD 2019

The Cancer-Mold Connection – with Ty and Charlene Bollinger 2019

Neuropuncture Points and Electrical Acupuncture Module 2 – Dec 2019 – with Dr Michael Corradino

Neuropuncture for Sleeping Disorders: Module 5 – Jan 2020 – with Dr Michael Corradino

Neuropuncture and the treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases – Dec 2020 with Dr. Michael Corradino