Dr Elisabeth Bastos BSc, ND, RAcu, Nutritional Therapist,

Dr Elisabeth Bastos BSc, ND, RAcu, has operated her health clinic since 2005 in the Cambridge, Puslinch / Guelph region.  Her family has lived part time in Kincardine for many years and now has moved to Kincardine permanently with her husband and 2 children.  She is happy to now be serving at her new clinic location in beautiful Kincardine starting Jan 2024.
Elisabeth is a Board certified Naturopathic Doctor since 2005, and member of the Ontario College of Naturopathic Doctors. She is also Board certified as an acupuncturist, with the college of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists of Ontario. 
The Acupuncture Clinic Dr. Bastos ND runs has a large focus on pain treatment and prevention including injury, arthritis and headaches, nerve rehab, fertility enhancement, sleep difficulty, anxiety, depression and stress treatment. There are approaches for all ages including needle-less treatment techniques using electrical stimulation or acupuncture sticker tacks.
As a Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath, Elisabeth understands how one man’s food is another man’s poison.  Intolerance, Sensitivity and allergy testing are available.  
Dr Bastos ND is medically trained and naturally focused, using functional medicine lab and exam approaches to ensure your body is looked at as a whole.  Consultation aims at restoring normal organ/body function and healing ability versus a band aid approach. Albeit, suffering relief is part of the treatments available also. 
She is a professional member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.
I love seeing individuals and families empowered with education and root cause solutions.  My objective is to be thorough and restore proper function to the body and mind using a variety of evidence based tests, assessments and treatments.  Suffering relief can be important however it’s best when we aim to restore the body’s self regulation.  Ideally we are not dependent on any one product long term.” 
She has authored literature including the Intolerance Free Simplified Recipe Book (sold on amazon and barns and noble).  You can find her two peer reviewed case studies in the USA based NDNR journal (links below)
She has contributed to Chatelaine magazine on the topic of fertility and  appeared on Experts Live regarding Omegas and Rogers TV regarding Naturopathic Stool testing.  She is a trained professional speaker through Joel Bauer in California.

Educational Achievement and Professional diplomas

Baccalaureate in Science from University of Guelph (4 year equivalent) – June 2002

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Diploma from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (4 years) – June 2005

Certificate of Registration as a Naturopathic Doctor – November 2005 to Present

Registered Acupuncturist General Class (4 years full time equivalency) – 2015 to Present

Live Cell Analysis Certificate

Chronic Infections Certificate – W. University

Professional Diploma – Nutritional Therapist – December 2021

Continued Training 

Naturopaths are required 70 hours of professional training every 3 years and Board regulated Acupuncturist an extra 15 hours yearly.

Beyond University and College Training, here is a non complete list of continued training upkeep Elisabeth has successfully completed:


2004-2005 Dr. Sankaran, and his Homeopathic Research and Charities group in India. Classical Homeopathy

Dr. Ullman – Tx of Anxiety, Depression, OCD and Bipolar. 2004

Giovani Macioca – Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Acupuncture Treatment study

Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine 2017

Association of Perinatal NDs – starting 2005

Dr. Letitia Dick and Dr. Jared Zeff – Carroll Method Institute on grass roots Naturopathy for food and supplement compatibility assessment, in Spokane, Washington. 2013

Acupuncture in pregnancy and Childbirth. 15 hours – New Zealand’s Debra Betts – March 2008

Applied Nutritional Microscopy – Live Blood Cell Analysis 2015

Bio therapeutic Drainage – Dickson Thom 2011

Chronic Degenerative Disease – 2006 Mikhael Adams

Chinese Medicine for Emotional Trauma – CT Homan. 2018

Constitutional Medicine – 2010

Alkalinizing 101. Heather Schofield. – 2016

Pursuing Homeopathy – Rajan Sankaran – 2016

Intestinal Milieu/Biological Medicine – Dr. Dhanani – 2016

Advanced Orthopedics and Electroacupuncture – Dr. Lee 2015

ElectroAcupuncture for Pain and Orthopedics – Dr. Lee 2015

Advanced Applied Microbiology – Michael Coyle 2016

Sanum remedies Lung Acutes – 2016

Advanced Ovarian Reserve Depletion Course – Brandon Horn and Wendy Yu 2017

Hormone Prescription and lab tests – Dr. Westmacott 2015

Environmental toxity in Pediatrics, Mental Health and Learning – 2013

Nerve Entrapment workshop – Dr Poney Chiang 2016

Lyme conference – Innovative Strategies – 2017

AARM Lyme and Co Infection Conference 2018 – Toronto, ON

Breaking the Mold – Environmental illness – with Dr. Jill Crista.  2018

Auricular Medicine and Therapy – with Dr Adams 2018

Complex Cases and Infection Seminar – with multi Speakers. Florida 2019

Chronic Infection Summit – with Multi Speakers. Chicago May 2019.

A three staged approach to treating emotional trauma with Chinese Medicine – with CT Holman 2019

Complex Biotoxin illness, Biological Medicine and Detoxification – with Dr Christine Schaffner ND 2019

Metabolic Endotoxemia and The Gut Brain Connection – with Dr Jill Carnahan MD, ABFM, ABIHM, IFMCP 2019

Children, Mold and Healing the Terrain – with Dr Maya Shetreat MD 2019

Mold and AutoImmunity – with Dr Amy Myers MD 2019

Brain on Fire: Mental Illness and Mold – with Dr Mary Beth Ackerley MD, MD(H), ABIHM 2019

Mold and the 5 levels of healing – with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD,PhD 2019

MCS, EMFs and Highly sensitive Patients – with Dr Stephanie McCarter MD 2019

The Cancer-Mold Connection – with Ty and Charlene Bollinger 2019

Neuropuncture Points and Electrical Acupuncture Module 2 – Dec 2019 – with Dr Michael Corradino

Neuropuncture for Sleeping Disorders: Module 5 – Jan 2020 – with Dr Michael Corradino

Neuropuncture and the treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases – Dec 2020 with Dr. Michael Corradino

Anti viral acupuncture to reinforce immunity by Susie Hayes – 2021

Palpation based Acupuncture for Post Viral by David Euler – Nov 2021

Endocrine conference + Thyroid Adrenal seminars 2023