Assessment & Coaching for Avoiding Your Reactive Foods and Eating Right For Your Body Chemistry

Your ND Dr. Elisabeth Bastos, provides assessment of what foods are reactive for you.  She is trained in a combination of approaches including the historical Carroll Method, and a systematic testing approach as learned through Dr.Oz Show attendee Lynn Recitas her understanding and testing of allergies, SIBO (small intestinal dysbiosis) and common food fermentation/digestion issues.

Dr. Bastos is dedicated to educating families and individuals on how to live out their intolerance results practically using grocery store lists, life long communication and clarification on your results coaching at no extra charge and recipes.  She is also the author of the Fast, Functional Intolerance Free recipes book out of which she shares recipes from, so your won’t have to go hungry or lose valuable nutrition when avoiding your reactive foods.

Part of the reactive food assessment available to you serves as long term information and Dr. Bastos has conducted her own Mymop research that has been peer reviewed (pending publishing), showing clinically significant positive outcomes in over 90% of those eliminating their reactive foods.

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Why avoiding your food intolerances based on the Carroll Method is so important, (a word from Dr. Letitia Dick, from the longest standing ND clinic in the USA):

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