Its’ that time of year…colds….flu….missed work….children needing childcare at home…

Consider ensuring your immune system is in good balance which allows your best fight on viruses and bacteria and mold/yeast possible.  Your innate and Th1 immune system is complex however as simple CBC blood test can reveal already some useful information for your and your Doctor to start on a journey of optimization.

Tip 1.  Correct any allergy responses.  If you tend to sneezing, itchy eyes or coughing, asthma, cystitis/bladder inflammation, or are prone to hives, you will want to not miss allergy correction as allergy can weaken the immune responses, making it harder to fight an infection and making one more prone to autoimmune and even cancer. Technical terms are that you move from TH2 dominance to a more balance TH1 activity.

Tip 2.  Get a grip on stress. Stress is proven to rise the inflammation in the body, and when prolonged and not managed well by the body, could lead to a suppressed immune fighting ability making you at risk for not resolving infections well.  Some questions you can ask yourself in stress management investigation:  “Do I have a habit at days end to distress/wind down such as prayer, bath, 5 minute walk alone, positive reading?”  Do I sit in front of internet or TV one hour before bed exposing myself to blue light that harms my sleep hormones and can feed me anxiety causing information? ”

Tip 3.  Food Allergy and Intolerance removals.  Foods that react poorly in our body can be for many reasons including specific organ binding lectins that trigger more autoimmune activity, allergy, metabolic intolerance ( Carroll Method determined), sensitivity (may be from digestive weakness for example), histamine triggering etc.

One man’s food can be another man’s poison therefore personalizing your nutrition can be a powerful way to reduce inflammation from overpowering the body inappropriately and allowing poor infection resolution.

What to do?

Speak to your Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor about what research proven program fits you best based on your health history and  if possible, updated bloodwork.

You may decide together to boost the innate immune with products such as reishi mushroom,  and astragulus

and/or to target TH1 cellular immune responses such as with Scutellaria baicalensis, or berberine containing medications or ginger.

Although inflammation normally is an important part of attracting neutrophils to an area to commence the good immune fight, your Naturopath may find that you are in a chronic inflammation state that is actually harming your immune system.  You may together consider such things as curcuminoids and removing inflammation causing factors such as inappropriate foods, regulating blood sugars better, managing stress better, resolving hidden infections or intestinal dysbiosis (bacteria imbalance of the organisms meant to be there).

There are many proven ways to individualize your immune balancing and optimizing program and when paired with good hygiene can give us a better chance of experiencing only mild illness expressions if we are exposed to infection causing organisms.

Keep well.


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