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Mindfulness is the quality of being present and engaged in whatever you’re doing at the moment; maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings free from distraction and without judgement.
For patients with tinnitus or those who have talkative minds, quieting the mind can add more stress – allow thoughts and feelings to flow without judging them or classifying them as “right” or “wrong” while sitting straight and still. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.
Mindfulness will not eliminate your stress, but instead allow you to have more choice in how to handle difficult or challenging situations and help develop the ability to be present, grounded and more neutral. Being Neutral is where your power is, not in reactivity. We may all visit reactivity at times, but train yourself not to live there by practicing neutrality in controlled exercises daily. Write a note by your bedside and do this 1 minute before bed.
Focusing your attention on your breath, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, return to this focus when you notice your mind starting to wander.
Focus on surroundings – the sound, smells and sights as if your objective is to record every detail of what is there…nature sights are best for this. A way to focus on what is real, not imagined, and not on wandering into negative “what if’s”.
Some teachers, such as Eden Ari, have noted that repeating “neutral, neutral, neutral” with the breathing can focus your mind on releasing reactivity that holds you captive instead of in control of your actions and thoughts.
With caring,
Dr Elisabeth Bastos BSc, ND, RAcu
Founder and Chief of Operations at The Bastos Natural Family Center of Canada

mindfulness, bastos natural family center, elisabeth bastos, stress, brain wave music

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