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Dietary lectins and agglutinins bind to different body tissues and cells.
It’s advisable to avoid foods that bind to a body tissue that you’re having autoimmune inflammatory issues with or if you are not sure, avoid these foods if you have any illness with these areas of the body.  In autoimmune conditions it is best to avoid these specific lectin foods entirely, however heating/cooking eliminates a large portion of the harm of lectins research finds.
Tip#1 – SKIN
For any conditions that involves the skin it would be best based on research to avoid
wheat, soy, peanuts, lentils and kidney beans.
For any conditions that involves the endothelium ie. The linings of the blood and lymph vessels. It would be best based on Research to avoid
wheat, soy, and peanuts.
This may include avoidance when there is lymphatic congestion and clotting concerns.
For any conditions that involves the linings of the mouth and colon/intestines it would be best based on Research to avoid
wheat, soy, peanuts, lentils, tomato and kidney beans.
This can include mouth sores and inflammation, colon polyps and inflammatory bowel disease.
Consider also seeking intolerance testing if you are suffering with any inflammatory (most if not all chronic illness) or autoimmune condition.  There are many testing options so seek advise from your own Naturopath or call our office for your free 10 min. Educational session on the options available and their pros and cons.
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