Did you know that I offer lyme testing and treatments proven by experts like Dr. Cowan and made in Canada? Many of my current Lyme and chronic infection, autoimmune patients initially felt that they would need to travel to the USA to be treated by Docs there.

It`s true that my most valuable training has been with USA MDs and NDs, but my mission is to continue to bring that knowledge back into my Canadian clinic so that proper healing and treatment that effective and proven can be had close to home and at a huge cost savings.

As Dr. Cowan proved in his research, herbal and supplement combinations when properly prescribed and monitored are found to be more effective then conventional antibiotic treatment.  From my conversation with other Doctors and in my own experience, there are less side effects with this approach also.

Just a small few of the proven anti Lyme and anti bacterial, anti parasitic, anti viral combinations I now offer right here in Canada are:

professional herbals of :

Stevia (research on how this herb when made pure is anti Lyme for all forms of the bug, even it`s hard to kill round form:  click to read research on Stevia for Lyme )

combined with Otaba/Banderol (see Dr. Lee Cowan MDs video on this herb that he also produces in the USA – click for video on research of Banderol/Otaba)

Cat`s Claw Tincture

*All these tinctures can be made liposomal in house for enhanced absorption


More Sensitive Tests are now available in Canada by trained NDs:

Lyme presents similar to many other illnesses and there is often no evidence of a tick bite. Remember, ticks can be very small also and mosquitoes can transmit Lyme as well as sexual transmission.

We offer Igenx lab testing as well as Armin Labs to name a few in order to screen for Lyme potential.  No Lyme test is perfect, so training and experience is key.  Even without a firm diagnosis, the Center of Disease control states treatment must be started asap when there is suspicion.

Our clinic offers the Dr. ShoeMaker visual contrast sensitivity test that detects nerve concerns due to toxins and hints of Lyme effects can be seen. There are computer based VCS tests online but the manual in house version we are trained to use proves more accurate.

I also pair my assessment with a Dr. Horowitz proven questionnaire assessment to gauge the likelihood that Lyme is involved or other co infections that occur typically always when Lyme is involved.

Top this data with using Chinese Medicine and Darkfield microscope assessment proper treatments can start right away in complex illness and infection cases with little need to wait on confirmatory lab tests.

Have you had Lyme testing before ? let us know your experience…..let’s talk…..

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