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Today we feel it’s impossible to avoid frequencies from electric current, wifi, cell towers, cell phones etc., but some simple moves such renting a meter to check your space and if needed, using EMF resistant fabric costing $30 or so a sheet can make your space go from cancer potential and brain disturbing to a safe place to spend time.

Health Canada outlines that certain frequencies can cause tissue heating and must therefore be limited.

Electric fields from 3kHz to 10kHz are listed as to be avoided also.  In this same document from our Government it is noted that ” experimental studies have demonstrated that electric and magnetic field exposures can induce internal electric fields within biological tissues which, if sufficiently intense, can alter the resting membrane potential of excitable tissues resulting in spontaneous depolarization of the membrane and generation of spurious action potentials”.

In practical terms, new studies show that there may be a link to leukemia, breast cancer, brain and acoustic nerve cancer, alzheimer, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, depression and allergies.  I personally find it harder to focus and feel extremely tired when in a electromagnetically dense space.

Using a device such as an EMF meter, you can determine if your work and home areas that you sustain prolonged time in have levels above healthier suggested limits.

In 2002, New Salzburg precautionary exposure limit was 1 microW per meter squared = 10 miliW per meter squared.

For Electric field measures, Austrian medical association suggested 1-5 V/m limit


For Magnetic Fields, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested 3-4 mG (milliGauss) limit based on studies suggesting double risk of childhood leukemia with this level of exposure ie. possibly cancer causing status with magnetic field exposure.

There is much inaccurate hype about this topic that can turn one off entirely from the topic, such as devices worn that are claimed to protect you from these fields, but with a meter you can confirm a need for protection and we have even proven for ourselves that simple fabrics under your router and printer and in your cell case for example do make a huge difference in the electromagnetic field reading in your space !

To help make this process cost efficient and available, we now offer a ElectroMagnetic meter (with radio frequency detection also) for daily rental at only $30 + tax (with a damage/non return deposit that would be post dated).

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Dr Elisabeth Bastos BSc, ND, RAcu

Founder Bastos Natural Family Center 2005