Not all mould is illness causing and not all mold gives off toxins/biotoxins but many do.
At home steps to consider:
1. Home depot has a simple mould plate for an affordable $16. You can visualize if any mould grows on the plate to assess the rooms you spend time in. Please do this for schools and work places also when concerns of allergies, asthma, concentration, anxiety, headache issues especially exist.
Prolab allows you to ship out your plate for assessment also so you can determine what is growing in that space.
2. If you smell a musty smell, know that you can be certain mould is an issue and likely with biotoxin / toxic off gassing involved.
My team offers the Visual contrast sensitivity test manually that is more accurate then the computer tests to screen for brain / nerve concerns related to toxins. We carry Dr. ShoeMakers test kit.
3. Binders. While you wait on help from a medical practitioner that is trained in biotoxins / mould related illness and exposure,
consider using a binder to help absorb the toxins you are being exposed to. This can include, food grade diatomaceous earth, algae, endosgel, charcoal, zeolite all depending on the age and symptoms and bowel movement health of the individual.
You do want to be careful that you use professional,purified versions also as these binders bind toxins in the environment also and we
don’t want those toxins entering your body!
4. Air Filteration can buy time and safety an area until resolving mold infection in the building is possible. 6 stage filtration including #UV, #ozonation and #ionization is available in Canada. This addresses the released spores and biotoxins. Do reach out if you would our resource list for what we have used and seen results wtih.
I am trained in mould and biotoxin related illness and screen using
various urine, blood, visual and supplement compatibility based assessments and tests.
We would be happy to offer a no charge educational session by video to guide you.